Translation has started to play a vital role in an interconnected world and the need to speak to multicultural audiences

The current circumstances have made businesses rush to become digital and look beyond their borders to expand their reach. Many years ago, we would have never imagined that communication was going to take the path it has, especially in the last years. Today, we have the opportunity to talk to business colleagues or partners on the other side of the world in just a few clicks, so physical distance is no longer a problem for doing business or discussing sensitive issues for the future of our companies or societies. However, sometimes the language and cultural divide hinders effective communication.

The Role of Translation Professionals


In that sense, the work of professional translators and interpreters as cultural mediators has been vital not only for successful business alliances, partnerships among nations, conflict resolution, proper communication between patients and doctors in healthcare settings and the effective application of justice in courts, but it has also become an undeniable resource for the different brands of products and services in conveying the right messages to their desired target audiences, aiming at reaching commercial success. And even if technology is moving fast and the development of artificial intelligence has powered incredible translation tools, they end up being insufficient without the support of a human translator, who is able to give the final touch to texts to make them sound natural and guarantee a successful communication.

What Translation Services Does Velasqueztranslations Offer?

Within that context, Velasqueztranslations was born as a provider of linguistic comprehensive translation and marketing solutions that provides cultural mediation services that go beyond the traditional word to word translation service offered by many suppliers in the translation industry. We are fully aware of differences existing between cultures not limited to the mere field of language, but in the way they see the world and their surrounding reality, which undoubtedly has an impact in language.

More specifically, we are glad to offer you services such as: translation and transcreation of marketing materials, websites and apps, multilingual SEO, with the advantage of counting with professional translators who happen to be also professionals from the fields of IT and digital marketing. We have experience in translating, localizing, and doing SEO optimization of content for marketing blogs and websites and also translating all sorts of digital and non-digital marketing material, presentations and sales pitches for entrepreneurs and start-ups.

When brands have the challenging purpose of entering foreign markets, they must take seriously cultural differences, especially if a different language is spoken by their target audience, because they not only probably see the world with different eyes, but also have different cultural references, and all those nuances and sensitive aspects cannot just be taken for granted. There are documented cases of failure of brand strategies for not taking seriously the translation of their slogans, or even the name of their products before introducing them in their target markets. So, do not hesitate to look for the help of professional linguists that will help you to save time and money, by ensuring flawless communication.

In this regard, our set of solutions at velasqueztranslations is oriented towards meeting the requirements of demanding customers who need to bridge the cultural divide, who require reliable and specialized marketing translation service providers, especially in these times of growing multiculturality, new technologies and more heterogeneous audiences.

Let us be your translation and interpretation provider in the complex art of reaching multicultural audiences. Share your idea with us, and we will help you to communicate it efficiently with the world.

Carmelo Velásquez